Inside a Sorority

Until about a year ago, I assumed a sorority was just a social organization of only party girls with rich parents. Then, to my surprise, I joined one myself. I went through recruitment out of curiosity and found a group of incredible women that eliminated all my preconceived ideas of Greek life. I found that sororities are not all about partying, not as expensive as one might have heard, and provides a strong sisterhood.

Many people assume that Greek life is all about partying but the social life is actually a small and optional part of joining a sorority. Sororities focus on philanthropy, sisterhood, and academia above socials. Before we are allowed at any date dashes or mixers, every member has a certain amount of philanthropies that we are required to attend and a certain GPA that we are required to maintain. After talking with my own chapter’s president I found that, last year alone, the sorority was able to “raise over $35,000” for Make A Wish foundation. My GPA has improved because of study tables, where everyone gets together to study and there is usually an incentive of snacks. GPA requirements vary from sorority to sorority but ours is a 2.0 which is easy to maintain when you have a sorority: a strong support system.

Unfortunately, it is true that sorority dues can get expensive but there are ways to lower the costs. I talked to my chapter’s treasurer about what she does when there is a member who cannot afford the dues. Step one is to make a payment plan where the sorority works with the budget of the member and her family. Then, the treasurer will help the member with applying for Greek scholarships. The scholarship opportunities are always posted on our Facebook page so that every member has an opportunity to apply. However, in my case, joining a sorority and living in the house was a cheaper option than finding housing in Boulder. The house is in a great location and all meals are provided.

The news about Greek life and sororities is about hazing and out-of-control parties because that is what makes intriguing news. If more people could hear about the positive sorority ideals there would not be as many bad stereotypes and maybe more young women can find a supportive sisterhood. In my sorority, hazing is strictly forbidden and the entire organization is about sisterhood. I hope to shed more light of the positive experience of being in a sorority and how it has changed my life.


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