How Does Gay Marriage Affect Society?

Many adoption agencies discriminate against gay couples. They are able to deny a couple a child because the couple isn’t married. If gay marriage was legal the adoption agencies would have no reason to deny the family a child. As a result, thousands of foster children would have an increased chance of going to a home rather than jumping from foster home to foster home. All a child wants is a loving, happy family, no matter the sexual orientation of the parents.

Another reason to legalize gay marriage is to set a good example for younger generations. We need to show teenagers that being openly homosexual is welcomed in society and it is acceptable to be different. According to The National School Climate Survey conducted by GLSEN in 2011, “82% of LGBT youth had problems during the previous year with bullying about sexual orientation” and “LGBT teenagers are two or three times more likely to attempt suicide than other teens.” Bullying is a major problem in schools and is the number one reason for teen suicide. If society is approving of a diverse community, younger generations will see that being different is OK and bullying will decrease. By making gay marriage legal we are saying that it is not acceptable to be gay. In other words, it is not acceptable to be different or yourself.


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