It’s Time to Plan your Trip Around the World.

Stop making excuses! There are so many benefits to traveling around the world.

First off, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Trip advisors and travel consultants can help you plan your route and expenses. You’ll have the whole thing planned out and in a schedule and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to leave without a schedule! It also doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. your advisor will help you work with your budget.

Second, traveling around the world is not just a vacation. It is educational and eye-opening. You’ve heard of all these amazing places in school, on the news, and through awesome blogs 😉 but reading about them and looking at pictures does not give them justice. Take charge! Go see them for yourself! Experience cultures in person because everyone’s experience will be different. I went to Egypt when I was 10 after studying it in school and it changed my perspective on how I live. I was young but it meant a lot to me and it will stay with me forever.

Third, when you get back you’ll have all these amazing stories. The crazy foods you tried and the adventures you went on! Make your friends and family watch a slideshow of your pictures and yes some of them will get bored and maybe even fall asleep (cough, cough dad) but it will be fun to be able to recount your stories. You might even get hooked on some exotic food and have to ship it overseas. Which reminds me if you fly on Air France they have amazing mango nectar that you have to try.

So what do you have to loose? You’ll always be able to find an excuse not to go; it’s not a good time, it costs too much, I’m really busy at work right now. But it is a trip worth taking and time worth spending. So take advantage of this world you live in and go explore it! Have fun!


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