Let’s Save This Beautiful Planet

It’s time to face the facts about climate change. Global warming causes problems with the environment, public health, and the economy. Although many deny it, the human race is at fault. According to National Geographic, “2015 was the hottest year on record” going back all the way to 1880. Global warming impacts the environment by causing fires, heat waves, out of control storms, rising seas, and severe droughts which also affects our health. Heat waves combined with humidity will increase heat-related deaths and spread disease. Without cold winters, insects that spread disease are able to move to what used to be cold climates. Natural disasters are becoming increasingly severe and frequent leaving many without homes, businesses and loved ones. “Weather and climate-related storms caused billions in damage and killed 155 people last year.”

What is the cause? The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is more than 90% sure that climate change is because of heat-trapping gases from human activities such as burning coal, oil, and gas or cutting down forests. Enough with the excuses. Yes, we know that the atmosphere has been heating and cooling long before humans were around and that was caused by changes in the sun’s intensity and volcanic eruptions, however, natural changes alone can’t explain the abnormal shifts in temperature we’ve seen today. When computer models only include the sun’s output energy it doesn’t add up to the climate increase from the past half century.

Why should we care?  Nowadays, it is difficult to see the impact of climate change but if we don’t act fast the effects of global warming, previously stated, will get worse and it will be too late to take action. If we continue with our habits that create carbon overload, the economic effects of natural disasters will destabilize entire nations. As for the environment, many species will go extinct and seas will rise because of melting glaciers. The seas rising is a bigger problem than it sounds. It is predicted that within the next 2 centuries 12.3 million people will lose their homes because of rising sea levels.

What can we do? Unfortunately, as an individual, it’s hard to conquer climate change. Luckily, some of our great scientists and world leaders are taking steps to improve the situation by implementing the Paris agreement. Ihe Paris agreement has made a great effect but it is a voluntary agreement for countries, therefore, we as individuals need to pitch in as well to make a difference. If everyone started doing the little things; recycling, using less water, unplugging electronics, it would greatly improve the situation.

Climate change is a big problem and just because you can’t physically see or feel it’s impacts yet, doesn’t mean it’s not happening all around. It is everyone’s job to take charge and help save our home.

-http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/ (every article)


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